St. Patrick’s Day Tees

St.Patrick’s Day is a day when we Irish accept our stereotypes and in fact live up to them. Wearing green and drinking lots! We often do this while wearing fun t-shirts printed with “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” and other well-known slogans. But these shirts have become so cliché that they don’t even mean anything anymore. We want to change that and make a few you might not have seen before but first a little fun. There are many bad and funny St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts out there and we wanted to share a few with you.


First off when did it become Patty’s Day? It’s St. Patrick’s Day people, that cant be shortened to Patty!! I also think those are clover and not shamrocks.



This t-shirt is for the very prepared “Patty’s Day” enthusiast, however is it a good idea for someone who is planning on getting very drunk and pass out to wear their name and also a friends phone number written across their chest. We wouldn’t advise this!




Well here is another cliche, I think anyone coming to Ireland for St. Patricks day hoping that everyone will be red haired and freckles will be disappointed.  The other stereotypes will of course be lived up to. Drunk in Green!




Am I the only one who cringes when people put on these Irish accents? Ireland is a hugely diverse country when it comes to accents, just think about it. You may even have an accent from an area that you don’t like! Well be gosh and be gorra we don’t all sound like this t-shirt suggests.

40c69d63a3fb8f2c2aab9a511d7bde19 Have you actually seen a shamrock? They are tiny! How anti-climatic would it be to actually shake some shamrocks! I do understand the joke here but really since shamrocks are so small its not really very flattering!


Everyone is Irish on 17th of March right?


I don’t know about anyone else but I’m a fan of honesty! Instead of claiming your right to be a part of St.Patrick’s Day why not be honest and get on with enjoying it!


Does this t-shirt make anyone else uncomfortable?


And finally the t-shirt Ill be wearing! Only joking!

As you can see there is a range of t-shirts available, there are loads more offensive ones out there too.

We have put together some designs for you guys to have a look at. Click the t-shirt below to see our designs. We are still adding to this collection so keep an eye on it.

Drunky Mc DrunkeersonThat’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


St. Patrick’s Day Tees