New Year and New Years Resolutions!

Happy new year everyone! I suppose it happens to us all. Starting the year with the best of intentions. We have done it with this blog on a couple of occasions. This year to try to again to post more and keep you up to date with what we are up to and also to share our favourite T-shirts of the month.

These might not necessarily be new designs at the beginning as we have 100s of designs already and I would guess not everyone has seen them all. We might even throw in some coupons on those highlighted T-shirts too!

Well here we go the first t-shirt of the month of the year!best-tshirt-ever


So I thought that since it’s the first one that we should choose the BEST one we have…. Ok so maybe not the best but we can all agree that sarcasm is the BEST thing ever. Its soooo handy. Its true however that not everyone gets it but sometimes that makes it better. Are you sarcastic? You know what they say “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence” or at least its what Oscar Wilde said. Flaunt it and get your own here.

Another design for this months favourites is this one. With the season that was in it this may have been true for you or maybe you saw people on the dancefloor or in the street for that matter and thought, “That person should not have listened to the vodka!”vodka

Well now if you think you need one of these for your night out or maybe you think one of your friends needs one of these you can get one here.

So now you have managed to read to the bottom of this post and as a thank you here is a coupon code so that you can purchase one of the January Favourites! The code is “JANFAV” simply enter this code when you are at the checkout to receive 20% OFF (valid until the 1st of Feb).

Thanks for reading!



New Year and New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all our customers we hope Santa brought you all you wanted and your are not suffering too much this morning!701937_459624614085628_1459094038_o

We have decided that this year we are going to keep you better informed about what we are up to and where we are going.

This year passed was a great one for Fou Tees. Our CEO Aoife Nielsen was nominated for the DLDC Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Enterprise Awards and although she didn’t win it was a great boost to Fou Tees and a  confirmation that we were heading in the right direction.

In August of this year in the midst of the many great conventions we attended, she was chosen as one of four in her category for the Donegal heat of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur. This involved a few weeks of intensive work preparing for a presentation to the judges. DCEB, Photo Clive Wasson. The experience was instrumental in the division of Fou Tees into three great websites Closet Geek, Club Hoodies Ireland and of course Fou Tees.

These make it easier for the customer to find exactly what they are looking for.

New logo


Fou Tees – The main site still has the funny t-shirt and allows fully customised t-shirts to be ordered.


tab imageCloset Geek – Is full of Geek t-shirts and hoodies. Perfect for the Geek in you!


Cub Hoodies IrelandClub Hoodies Ireland – The one stop shop for your hoodie and uniform needs. Whether its for clubs or groups we can sort it out.


Over the past year Fou Tees attended many great conventions. We absolutely love the experience.  We can honestly say attending the conventions is something we look forward to every year.

The hours are long, the work is hard but we feel we are in it together with the organisers, staff and volunteers! Having never attended any conventions before trading at them we have been blown away by the feeling on inclusion and community that we feel at every event.  What an amazing thing to create – a place to be completely comfortable to be yourself! To geek over whatever you are a geek about and find others who are equally as excited. The organisers should all be so proud!

We have added many pictures to our Facebook Page of our convention adventures so feel free to pop over and have a look.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed it.

Happy New Year!