Campaigns for Dragons

We have been pretty busy over the last month! We made some changes to our website such as the addition of an ‘On Sale’ section on the home page where we are hoping to change the t-shirt available on sale here fairly regularly. So be sure to check it out and keep an eye on it. We also moved some menus around and we filled in some pages that for some reason were left empty.

Even better than all that we are offering free shipping on all orders over €50!! This is valid until March and you dont need a coupon code or anything, all you need to do is add €50 worth of products to your basket and the free shipping will be applied! Time to get shopping!!

If anyone was watching Dragons Den Ireland this week you may have seen a guy talking about his new idea for apparel printing website that would take the hassle out of ordering group orders. images-2The idea is that you can upload your design to their website and then share the link with others who would be interested in buying. The orders are then placed directly with the printing company meaning that the organiser does not need to worry about collecting money or remembering sizes etc. Sounds good right? Well the Dragons funded him.
I sat in amazement as this is not a new idea! We can offer this service! We call it a campaign and even better then what this guy was offering we also share the profits with the organiser. Its perfect for fundraising or just making extra money. There is another large american company thats in operation years that solely offers a similar service and many people use it to make extra cash. I guess it shows that you dont always have to have a new idea on those shows but also I think it shows the importance of doing market research! Anyway if you want to have a look at what we can offer by way of a campaign have a look here.decorate-your-product

We are continuing to update the website and we know we need more new designs up so we will try to get a good few up this month so watch this space!

Thanks for reading.


Campaigns for Dragons