Fabric of Space and Time

So this month Iv been reading a bit about different fabrics available. There are a few up and coming in the t-shirt world. Bamboo for instance is becoming increasingly popular. Ok so don’t worry I don’t mean that you have large pieces of bamboo lashed together to make a t-shirt! It’s actually a fabric made from the bamboo fibers. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton/organic cotton yarn. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibres such as hemp or even spandex. Bamboo is actually a member of the grass family and can reach heights of 35 metres! They are also the fastest growing woodie plant in the world, one Japanese variety has been known to grow 1 meter per day!! Amazing! So this is why bamboo is becoming more popular. It’s increadbly sustainable, because it’s a grass it does not need to be re-planted. I guess its similar to cutting your lawn it continually re-grows.  So bamboo can be produced cheaply, quickly and organically. So why are we  all not wearing bamboo t-shirts and clothes every day? Well unfortunately the suppliers who sell the bamboo products have them more expensive than cotton t-shirt because they are organic and therefore classed as a luxury.

Hemp has been around for a good while in the fabric world, but has been used mostly to make string and sacks. I for one wouldn’t like to wear a sack so I’m glad that it never really took off for making clothes. This may also have had to do with the fact that it comes from the cannabis plant and people are funny about that.

So then on to the weirder stuff I came across. I found this video about a woman who is making clothing from a kind of fungus. Yes I did just say fungus and before you have images of a woman sitting sewing little mushrooms together it’s actually very different.

So I don’t know if you ever tried  kombucha but I did as a kid. We had a jar in the kitchen were it grew and bubbled and then we drank the tea stuff from it. It was horrible. Well mum we got it wrong we should have made it in the bath in large quantitys and made clothes or shoes!! On second thought maybe not such a good idea in Ireland. We just soak up the rain and have to watch our clothes slither off back to the bath.


Ok so I talked about this one before. A bit more space agey. It’s a spray on t-shirt. Honestly can’t see this catching on. Imagine getting up in the morning and having to spray on your clothes, how would you do your back, he says ask your neighbour. Personally I wouldn’t feel right going to my neighbour! As a woman I just can help but wonder about your bra? Do you just spray over it?  Id love to see the video after where the guy tried to take the t-shirt off his really hairy chest! Just too many difficulties and I can imagine doing the laundry would be interesting!

Any way a bit of food for thought! We have regular cotton t-shirts at www.foutees.com no need to spray them on or ask your neighbour for help to put them on(unless you want to!).

Till next time!

Fabric of Space and Time